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Working in conjunction with the University of North Dakota (UND), JDO School for Aerospace Sciences, the Regional Weather Information Center's (RWIC) primary research goal is to develop and apply rapid advancements in computer and atmospheric sciences to both operational and research aspects of contemporary meteorology. The mesoscale analysis and forecasting facility utilizes 3-D visualization and world-wide hierarchical databases management to support research and operational activities including agricultural weather, transportation weather, atmospheric analysis, and educational research. RWIC has unique support from UNDs own Doppler weather radar providing up-to-the-minute weather activity information for real-time research studies. A high-speed data link to the UNDs Cray J-90 supercomputer, and real-time access to a world-wide network of automated weather observing stations places RWIC on the cutting edge of technology as a recognized leader in the research of atmospheric sciences.