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NOAA-Climate Diagnostic Center (CDC) A definite strengh of the CDC is the excellent archive of historical studies on climatic variability. There are links to NECP/NCAR reanalysis maps, archived climate data, along with publications on climate variablity and the hydrological cycle. Following the link to the Map Room you will find many visual aids for both the global climate and forecasts.

NOAA-Climate Prediction Center (CPC) monitors regional and global climate anomalies. There are many products at this site which visualize these anomalies. Other products found include monthly/seasonal outlooks, products indicating Palmer Drought indicies, soil moisture maps, as well as the monthly Climate Diagnostics Bulletin.

NOAA-National Climatic Data Center (NCDC) The NCDC site inclues The monthly Climate Variations Bulletin is located here.

NWCC Main Menu National Water and Climate Center

High Plains Climate Center The University of Nebraska -Lincoln gives access to climate data for the entire regions.


National Drought Mitigation Center: ( University of Nebraska-Lincoln) complies an excellent listing including topics such as weather and climate, state, as well as remote sensing and hydrology topics. You will also find information on drought mitigation, climateology, and the impacts of drought. This is a must see site.

Drought Monitor The drought monitor provides the national drought summaries along with weekly summary images. You can also find climate outlooks, streamflow forecasts, soil moisture anomalies, and archived data.

Hydrology - North Dakota Water Resources

USGS - Water Resources of North Dakota This site provides current hydrographs for all of North Dakota as well as historical and 18 month stream measurements. There are also reports on the issues of Devils Lake, and the Red River of the North. This is a good page to get gain a better understanding of water issues in North Dakota.

North Dakota State Water Commison The SWC is the location of the Devils Lake online, the Garrison Diversion web page, and the Missouri River Basin site. This is a great site for information pertaining to North Dakota water laws and issues.

International Red River Basin Task Force You can find many publications on flood management for the Red River Basin as well as the history of flooding in the region.

Red River Basin Decision Information Network The site is developed by the International Joint Commision and The Global Diaster Information Network. The network was established to communicate issues through out the Basin.

Red River Water Management Consortium The RRWMC is created by the Energy and Environmental Research Center at the University of North Dakota.

Red River Flood Page - RWIC The Regional Weather Information Center has created a web page that tracks the

NDSU Flood Page

North Dakota Division of Emergency Management

North Central River Forecast Center

The United States Army Corps of Engineers Information Network

NWS Office of Hydrology (NOAA/NWS/OH)

Hydrology WWW Links

USGS -- Water Resources of the United States

United States Environmental Protection Agency's Homepage

Daily U.S. Streamflow Map

The Minnesota Climatology Working Group Home Page

Snow Hydrology

Snow Hydrology WWW Links

Snow Hydrology Research Group

Hydrology Web Homepage

The Water Measurement Manual

Global Circulations

General Circulation Model ; NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies

El Nino Theme Page: distributed information on El Nino. This is a great place to start to gain a better understanding of El Nino along with many visual aids such as 3D animations. This site is created by NOAA.

NCAR CSM Homepage

Climate and Global Dynamics Division

National Center for Atmospheric Research

NASA GISS: Global Climate Modeling

NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies

NCAR CCM3 Home Page

NCAR LSM Home Page

University of North Dakota / School of Aerospace Sciences / Atmospheric Science Department

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